Bella in San Antonio

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bella before 1Jezebel or “Bella” is in need of an immediate home.  She’s currently living at Lucy’s Doggy Daycare (downtown location).  She is 7 years old and has had a tough time lately.  Her lifelong retriever buddy died and she hasn’t been good around other dogs since then.  Now, her family is moving out of the country and the stress has caused her to lose some fur on her chest which you can see in the 2nd picture.  With the proper diet and environment, her fur will definitely grow back.  She is very friendly with people, but she is emotionally needy right now and definitely needs to be the only pet.  She needs love from a new, devoted companion.

She is housetrained and walks well on a leash. She’s current on all shots, heartworm negative, microchipped, spayed, and has finished some antibiotics for her skin.  I estimate her weight at 22-24 lbs.  If you’re interested in adopting her, you can fill out an application at and mention her by name.  You can stop by

and visit her at Lucy’s if you’d like.

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Nessie has been adopted!

Nessie before

Nessie beforeNessie, a beautiful two-year-old Scottie who spent too many days in a shelter in Mexico, then a foster home in McAllen, has found her happy ever after home! After 30 days in a shelter in Mexico, a rescue volunteer brought Nessie to the San Antonio Scottie and Westie Rescue. She had already been microchipped in Mexico, but the owner could not be found. Since Nessie was bilingual, she could understand everything her new caretakers told her, fortunately.
She got along well with the big dogs, but had “issues” with the smaller dogs, particularly at dinner time. But that’s typical Scottie behavior since they think they’re big dogs anyway.
A foster Mom from South Texas volunteered to keep Nessie until a permanent home could be found for her. She already had a clan of Scotties and Westies with whom Nessie could play.
Within a few weeks, the SASWR people got a call from the foster Mom telling them to take Nessie off their list. She wanted to make Nessie her own. Love had blossomed between Nessie, the clan and the one-time foster, but now, real Mom. A Happy Ending for all. Congratulations!

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Charli–has been adopted!

WTSR, Charli, Aug. 2013 (1)

WTSR, Charli, Aug. 2013 (1)Friendly & Charming Wants a Home–That’s Charli. She is a sweet 5-year old black Scottie with West Texas Scottie Rescue and loves every person she meets. She was in terrible condition when her owner dropped her off at a shelter to be euthanized. “That was a lucky day for me,” says Charli! Charli’s foster mom and dad in San Angelo, Libby and Ed, were picking up another Scottie from the shelter and couldn’t leave Charli behind.

Charli’s ears were badly infected, her skin had large bald spots from fleas, and she was heartworm positive. Since coming into rescue she’s been treated for heartworms, been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped, and her ears and skin rehabbed. Check out that healthy looking Scottie coat now. Charli brags, “I’m looking and feeling good!”


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joy after

joy afterJoy is Spreading Joy, Now in Her New Home in Austin–Jackie met Baby Scottie Joy several weeks ago and fell in love.  She took her home Aug. 10, from Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston.  “Both were pretty joyful,” reports WSRH! Joy is settling in with Jackie’s 8-year-old wheaten Scottie Quincy and 13-year-old Lab mix Meagan. Quincy was a rescue from North Texas Scottie Rescue.  We are betting puppy Joy is making Quincy and Meagan’s lives plenty joyful, too.


Baby Joy was pulled from a Houston area shelter this summer by one of Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston’s volunteers.  She was just a button of a pup, and she won hearts from the start. Just look at Joy’s smiles, and Jackie’s.


“Jackie and Joy came together because of our partnership with Texas Scottie Rescue Fund,” says Maggie Escriva, WSRH’s intake coordinator.  When you submit an application through Texas Scottie Rescue Fund, it is forwarded to the four Scottish Terrier Club of America-affiliated rescue programs in Texas. The perfect way to get the right dog for the right family!


Joy Before

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douglas august 2013

douglas august 2013Douglas’ Owner Has Died–Can you help? Douglas needs a new home. He is a senior gentleman of nine years, and he’s looking for someone special who appreciates the qualities of a mature dog. Douglas is loving and mild mannered. He is with Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston and has been fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and will start in his new home with nice clean teeth!


Mr. Douglas thought he had found his furever home, but it didn’t work out even though his mom and he loved each other. This guy is affectionate and demanding, so may need to be an only child. Adoption fee for Douglas is $250, and includes six months heartworm preventative, free microchip registration and a safety harness. For more information contact Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston at . When submitting an application at , specify Douglas.



douglas before june 2013

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andrewAndrew was found wandering in San Antonio with no collar or microchip. Clearly he had been someone’s pet. As often happens, a lost Scottie like Andrew finds its way to San Antonio Area Scottie and Westie Rescue. SAASWR helpers Katherine & Brian and their Rescue Scottie Wally fostered Andrew.  He came in as a ball of fur, but our TSRF and SAASWR founder Daphne Branzell worked her magic and carved a beautiful new Scottie out of wooly Andrew.   The vet guessed he was two to three years old. SAASWR neutered and microchipped Andrew, heartworm tested him (negative), vaccinated and cleaned his teeth. That done, he was ready to go
Margaret in San Antonio submitted her application June 8. It didn’t take long. She adopted Andrew July 14. Andrew now keeps company with Margaret’s nine-year-old Scottie girl. We bet he keeps that girl busy. The traits that “sold” Andrew”? SAASWR advertised him as a very happy Scottie who liked to run and play with toys and was always up for a walk. Oh, the excitement when he’d see his leash!   He got along well with the resident Scottie at his foster home.  He was housebroken for the most part. In other words, Andrew would be an easy dog to live with.
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luna before
luna beforeLuna is a love bug, and is Sasha’s daughter. She’s two. North Texas Scottie Rescue saved the day when these Scotties were to be put down because of neglect.  Luna just cannot get enough attention.  She loves everyone she meets and gets along with other dogs…well, unless you are holding her. Yes, she is a love hog, and she doesn’t care to share, but is learning.  Luna is a smart Scottie girl who knows how to scale a baby gate. She is crate trained, and doing super great on house manners.  Look at her picture, and you will see much hair loss, but you will also see regrowth. Recovery is coming right along.
Sasha and Luna will have special needs for a while since they were flea infested with the usual subsequent skin issues, ear infections and hair loss, all of which are fixable. Right now they have a special diet and baths every few days. They are recovering rapidly.  Maybe you can help one of these girls along the short road ahead. They are being placed separately.  For more information, contact North Texas Scottie Rescue at . Complete an application at  and specify Luna. Or Sasha. Let’s get these girls placed.
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sashaSasha Got Lucky–So did her daughter Luna.  They were taken to a shelter to be put down because of human neglect. North Texas Scottie Rescue stepped in. These girls will have special needs for a while since they were flea infested which with the usual subsequent skin issues, ear infections and hair loss, all of which are fixable. They are recovering rapidly, and maintaining that great Scottie Spirit! Sasha is five, and a bundle of love.  She loves everyone, gets along other dogs, is crate trained and, doing great on her house manners. She would love to be a bed buddy. Never fear: her hair is growing back. How can you not fall in love with her?

Mom Sasha and daughter Luna have always been together, but they are being placed separately. Right now they have a special diet with vitamins and baths every few days. When they have fully recovered, they will be quite beautiful.  That is a short road ahead. If you are interested in loving Sasha, contact North Texas Scottie Rescue at . Complete an application at and specify Sasha.
Check Luna’s posting, too. Visit the girls on Texas Scottie Rescue Fund Facebook, and share their postings. Let’s get these Scottie girls homes soon!
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Toto before

Toto before

Toto is an adorable little guy that is some Scottie, some Schnauzer. He was turned into San Antonio Area Scottie & Westie Rescue by a family who found him wandering a neighborhood with no collar or microchip. Fliers they posted for two weeks did not locate the owner, so they turned to Scottie Rescue. Toto moved in with SAASWR’s Elke and her Westie for several weeks of expert fostering until he found his forever home. While in foster care, Toto was fine-tuned: neutered, microchipped, teeth cleaned and nails clipped.



Lucky Toto is home forever now with Deb in Elgin.  A veteran Schnauzer owner, Deb knew about Scottie Rescue through her friends TSRF volunteers Steve and Elaine Thompson. She applied to TSRF after losing three of her four rescue dogs to various medical conditions this year, and in short order Toto was hers!  Best wishes to Toto and his new older dog friend Daisy.


And what did everyone else miss out on? Toto is about five years old and combines the best qualities of several breeds. He weighs in at about 16 pounds, doesn’t shed and “talks” more than he barks.  Toto loves to play and go for well mannered walks. Toto gets along with other dogs, and seems OK with cats. It is plain that he seems to like everybody! He was an easy dog to place. Thank you Deb for being Toto’s new person.


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sunnie after

sunnie afterSunnie is the sweet young Westie mix whose owners died unexpectedly within a few days of each other, and she has found her forever home. She thanks Texas Scottie Rescue Fund for featuring her on Facebook.  That Facebook posting ultimately led to Sunnie finding the perfect home. Sunnie’s new family had lost their beloved Westie to cancer, and everyone was hoping for another to help fill the hole in their hearts. Sunnie was “it.”

Sunnie can’t believe her good luck.  She now has a Border Collie sister to play with, a wonderful yard to run in, and her very own set of twins (Addison and Madeline) to love and play with her.  Sunnie’s new mom reports that she has settled in well and is dearly loved and happy.

West Texas Scottie Rescue handled Sunnie’s adoption and thanks TSRF for our role in helping make this happy ending possible! Facebook was the first step, and a TSRF application the clincher.  Complete your application for Rescue Scotties, Westies and the occasional other terrier at .  Yes, Texas Scottie Rescue specializes in Scotties, but Westies, Cairns and assorted terriers also come the way of our Rescue Coordinators, and we always want to help.

Sunnie’s original posting read: “Everyone who knows me says my name fits my sweet and happy disposition perfectly.  In spite of going through a very sad time lately, my tail still wags constantly.  I’m two to three years old and am a Westie mix.  My features are predominantly Westie, but there’s a little traveling salesman in my blood somewhere!  My legs are a little longer than standard Westie length, and the back of my ears are a beautiful butterscotch color.  I’m spayed, my shots are current, I’ve had a recent dental and microchip, and tested heartworm and tick fever negative.  I’m very friendly with other dogs, and love every person I meet.  Walking is one of my favorite things and I’m a good girl on a leash.”


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