Nessie has been adopted!

Nessie beforeNessie, a beautiful two-year-old Scottie who spent too many days in a shelter in Mexico, then a foster home in McAllen, has found her happy ever after home! After 30 days in a shelter in Mexico, a rescue volunteer brought Nessie to the San Antonio Scottie and Westie Rescue. She had already been microchipped in Mexico, but the owner could not be found. Since Nessie was bilingual, she could understand everything her new caretakers told her, fortunately.
She got along well with the big dogs, but had “issues” with the smaller dogs, particularly at dinner time. But that’s typical Scottie behavior since they think they’re big dogs anyway.
A foster Mom from South Texas volunteered to keep Nessie until a permanent home could be found for her. She already had a clan of Scotties and Westies with whom Nessie could play.
Within a few weeks, the SASWR people got a call from the foster Mom telling them to take Nessie off their list. She wanted to make Nessie her own. Love had blossomed between Nessie, the clan and the one-time foster, but now, real Mom. A Happy Ending for all. Congratulations!

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