Lola, aka Cricket

Remember Cricket? She is now Lola, as in “Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets.” Cricket is the cutie with Scottie Cramp placed by West Texas Scottie Rescue in Spring 2013. Her posting on TSRF’s website went up March 25, and Cricket got 2,469 “looks” on TSRF’s Facebook page. The right family surfaced thanks to tons of exposure on the Internet. Cricket needed a calm home because of her Cramp, and to be an only dog because she was quite “selective” about canine companionship.

Martha and Hugo are pictured with Lola here and wrote, “We have been blessed with Lola (Cricket). She is a bundle of joy and makes us remember how beautiful life is. Let everyone know how grateful we are to all the kind people that work unconditionally to find good homes to such beautiful creatures. Keep up the good work!! Lola says hi! to everyone.”Maybe you’ll run into Lola. She is an Austin shopkeeper for several hours a day now and has “a nice bed by the counter where she stays and greets our customers.” Lola has not had a single incidence of Scottie Cramp since moving into her new home. Thanks to Facebook Friends for helping turn Cricket into Lola. And thanks to West Texas Scottie Rescue for dedication in finding a home for a Scottie with special requirements.

Martha, Lola & Hugo

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