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TaraTara is the one at the right with new owner Michelle, looking straight at the camera “like the ham she is,” says Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston’s intake coordinator Maggie Escriva. The dignified new “older sister” is nine-year-old Annie at left. Michelle of Kyle adopted Tara in May, 2013.
Barking too much in the apartment is why Tara was turned in at seven months old to a Houston area animal control shelter by her previous owners. Thanks to the good relationship WSRH has with this facility, WSRH was notified immediately and picked up Tara for vetting and future adoption.
The Tara/Michelle love match happened through a Texas Scottie Rescue Fund application. Michelle is a veteran Scottie owner whose previous Scotties lived long, happy lives. The perfect applicant. You, too, can find a love match with one of the Scotties, Westies, or other terriers handled by our Texas Scottie Rescue groups. To apply, complete an application at . Your application will be forwarded to the four Scottish Terrier Club of America-affiliated Texas Rescue programs.
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Spenser (now McDuffy)

spensor new family

spensor new familySpenser is an energetic and inquisitive male brindle Scottie whose rescue journey took him all the way from Alamogordo, NM, to a six-week stay in Midland, TX, before he found his perfect forever home down south in McAllen, Texas.


Spenser was matted to the skin and weighed only 12 pounds when he came into rescue.  While in the care of West Texas Scottie Rescue he was fully vetted and gained four pounds.  This dashingly handsome and friendly young Scot was adopted by Sharon and Tom in McAllen.  Spenser’s name was changed by his new family to McDuffy.  At first McDuffy’s new wheaten brother McGregor (another rescue Scot) wasn’t too sure about the new addition to the family, but they are now fast friends. They love to patrol the fence together and alert the family to anyone or anything in the alley.


WTSR very much appreciates the loving and patient care McDuffy has received from Sharon and Tom.  At nine months old and with no previous supervision or training, he got into a fair amount of trouble initially, especially for chewing up the remote and his dog bed among other things!  This delightful young boy is now the picture of health and is a much-loved family member.

spensor before

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DougallTwists and turns of fate fill the life of this spunky young brindle male Scottie.  Dougall came out of the Midland, TX, animal control facility where he had been picked up as a stray.  A lady whose mother has Scotties called West Texas Scottie Rescue to report that her mother had noticed Dougall at the shelter.  WTSR immediately checked on him and found a filthy matted small dog that appeared to be a Scottie mix.  His time was almost up at the shelter, so he was sprung by WTSR and taken to their rescue veterinarians.  Dougall was running a high fever, his skin badly needed attention, and he was a very thin and hungry boy.  He was thoroughly vetted by WTSR.  Once Dougall was brought to good health and gained some weight, he was taken for grooming.  Everyone was very surprised at the handsome brindle Scot hidden under a wild mop of hair!


Dougall had another very lucky turn of events when his picture and story were listed on the Texas Scottie Rescue Fund Facebook page.  Almost immediately, Steve and Elaine noticed him and thought he would be a nice addition to their family.  At home near Elgin, Dougall loves finding a lap to snuggle in and also enjoys running in his big yard with his doggie pals. Steve and Elaine have been active rescue volunteers and advocates for many years, and Elaine serves as TSRF treasurer.  They are well known faces at area Celtic events and highland games where they set up Scottie Rescue booths.  Elaine reports that Dougall comes alive at the festivals and gives a friendly and enthusiastic greeting to everyone who stops by. (That is an understatement. To watch Dougall work the crowd is something to behold. Watch for Dougall and his followers yourself!)


What a lucky boy to be rescued from a shelter because of a chance sighting, to survive a serious bronchial infection, and to end up in a loving forever home where he has a chance to be a rescue ambassador thanks to TSRF’s Facebook posting!  WTSR thanks Steve and Elaine for giving Dougall such a loving home. (Dougall was first posted by TSRF in September 2012.)


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charlie 1
charlie 1Charlie, originally named O.P. for “overpass”, was found at an overpass on I-35 near New Braunfels. A kind family rescued him and contacted San Antonio Area Scottie & Westie Rescue. Charlie was in pretty rough shape—skinny, skin infection, ear infection, and general loss of fur. Brian, Katherine and their rescue Scottie, Wally, got Charlie on the road to recovery. He was with them quite a while, but then they were going out of town and Charlie needed another foster home!
Fortunately, Danielle inquired about adopting him. She and Paul live in San Antonio and were the perfect fit, having cared for Westies with skin issues before. Danielle agreed to keep Charlie while Brian and Katherine were gone on a “trial” basis, but it stuck and Charlie hasn’t looked back. What a handsome fellow he is now! According to Danielle, “Charlie is a great roadtripper, having been on vacation to Arizona, Louisiana and Florida. He loves to play with his squeaky toys, flipping them over his head. And he does not mind his twice weekly baths one bit. But we are still working on walking as he is more into stop-and-sniff.”
Here’s another plug for microchipping. If your dog goes missing like Charlie did, he can come home quickly if microchipped, and if the microchip has current contact information registered. Do it folks! And think about volunteering as a foster home, too, like Brian and Katherine. Fostering can be flexible, as Charlie’s story shows.
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captain before

captain before

Captain has settled in with Charline in Grandview. Here he is, really relaxed, in his new home.  The Captain’s new mom, who started fostering him, is a professional dog groomer. North Texas Scottie Rescue says Charline “immediately started commenting on what she was going to do to make his coat look better. He was dropped off on a Saturday and by Monday it was more than obvious that they were meant for each other, and she became another foster failure. Captain is now in his forever home and no doubt, will be the best groomed rescue dog in the state.”
The Captain came with Miss Lilly into North Texas Scottie Rescue together as life-long breeding partners. Both were in poor condition. After three months of good food and TLC, they both started to blossom. Two dog adoptions are difficult to come by, so Captain and Lilly were separated. Miss Lilly found her special home, too! See her separate Happy Endings listing.
Captain’s original listing said: “Captain is a lover boy. His name should be Elvis! He wiggles all over when he gets excited and hill shower kisses. All he is missing is his blue seude shoes. Captain is about six years old and is full of energy. He loves his toys, enjoys car rides and walkies. He gets along with other dogs. Captain is retraining his house manners and is making great progress…” (TSRF first posted Captain in January, 2012.)
captain after
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rufus after

rufus afterSadly Rufus was surrendered to Rescue on his first birthday.  His owner loved him very much, but was working long hours out of town and wanted Rufus to have a home where he could get the love, training and attention he needed.  Rufus was very affectionate, highly energetic and extremely inquisitive, but had never had anyone to guide him from puppyhood into being a young adult Scottie.

After being neutered and thoroughly vetted, Rufus was fostered by West Texas Scottie Rescue coordinators Jeannie and Tom.  He blended in beautifully with their current Scottie crew, and after several weeks they decided they couldn’t do without him.  Rufus’ clownish personality and exploits keep things lively and keep his new family entertained in Midland.  After several days of trying to figure out how their coffee cups were mysteriously emptied when left on a table or counter, the mystery was solved when Rufus was caught “red-pawed” on the kitchen counter with his nose buried deep in a cup.  Amazingly, this small Scottie boy can jump from the ground onto a grooming table without a running start.  The picture below shows “Mr. Coffee” looking through the window to see if he can spy an unattended cup!

WTSR is very appreciative of the selfless act that his former owner made when he decided it was best for Rufus to be in a home where someone had more time to spend with him.  This lucky boy now has Scottie and human companions with him around the clock! Rufus was first posted on TSRF’s website March 25, 2013.




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McGregar bigger

McGregar biggerMacGregor is a very lucky fellow saved from death row with the help of several Texas Scottie Rescue Fund coordinators and volunteers.  He was rescued from the Dallas area and transported to West Texas Scottie Rescue in Midland.  This charming and loving very predominantly Scottie mix is a truly great dog.  While his rescue journey has a very happy ending, his time with us made us very sadly aware of the plight of many Scottie mixes.  MacGregor was boarded for four months before a foster home came forward for him.  During his boarding time, he absolutely stole the hearts of the kennel staff and WTSR volunteers who walked him daily.  This wonderful boy has all the great dog qualities wrapped into one package – he’s a perfect gentleman, has a heart as big as Texas, and is the personification of canine love and loyalty.  His only fault was his longish legs that resulted from his being a mix.


WTSR had MacGregor treated for skin infections, a badly infected area on his tail, and infected eyes and ears.  Once he was neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and tested negative for heartworms and tick fever, the long wait for his forever home began.  After four months, MacGregor’s fortunes changed dramatically when a wonderful foster home came forward for him.  MacGregor loved his life with Gary and Lynda and his three new doggie friends in Lubbock.  He especially loved having a huge backyard to run and play in after his long term kennel stay.  Just as he worked his way into the hearts of all of us who were involved in his rescue, he worked his way into the hearts of his wonderful foster family. He recently became an official member of their clan!  This gentle boy is now safe and secure and deeply loved.  Lynda and Gary truly appreciate the qualities that make him the very special dog that he is.



MacGregor Comes to WTSR

MacGregor is remembered with great affection by the many friends he made on his rescue journey.  WTSR and Texas Scottie Rescue can never thank Lynda and Gary enough for giving him the loving forever home for which he waited so long. MacGregor was originally posted on TSRF’s website Oct. 15, 2012.



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Lola, aka Cricket


Remember Cricket? She is now Lola, as in “Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets.” Cricket is the cutie with Scottie Cramp placed by West Texas Scottie Rescue in Spring 2013. Her posting on TSRF’s website went up March 25, and Cricket got 2,469 “looks” on TSRF’s Facebook page. The right family surfaced thanks to tons of exposure on the Internet. Cricket needed a calm home because of her Cramp, and to be an only dog because she was quite “selective” about canine companionship.

Martha and Hugo are pictured with Lola here and wrote, “We have been blessed with Lola (Cricket). She is a bundle of joy and makes us remember how beautiful life is. Let everyone know how grateful we are to all the kind people that work unconditionally to find good homes to such beautiful creatures. Keep up the good work!! Lola says hi! to everyone.”Maybe you’ll run into Lola. She is an Austin shopkeeper for several hours a day now and has “a nice bed by the counter where she stays and greets our customers.” Lola has not had a single incidence of Scottie Cramp since moving into her new home. Thanks to Facebook Friends for helping turn Cricket into Lola. And thanks to West Texas Scottie Rescue for dedication in finding a home for a Scottie with special requirements.

Martha, Lola & Hugo

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Colin After

colin afterColin is a super sweet and smart Scottie lad of about five years old. He went through rough times, and was in bad shape when the West Texas Scottie Rescue ladies picked him up from a shelter in Southeastern New Mexico. About five years old, Colin had two types of tick fever, an eye infection, tape worms, severely infected ears, and non-malignant growths in his left ear.  You can see from his “before” picture  that he needed help badly.  WTSR neutered him, brought his shots up to date, gave him a dental, killed the tapeworms, treated his ear and eye infections, and removed growths from his left ear. They also resolved his tick fever and implanted a HomeAgain microchip.  In other words, Colin had the “works”.  That’s what adopters can count on from Texas Scottie Rescue! See what a handsome guy Colin turned into from his “after” picture.

Colin needed extended foster care. He was fostered in San Angelo, and was very happy playing with the resident Scotties and even liked cats!  A leash? He didn’t know what one was when rescued, but learned that lesson well. He surely did love, love, love toys from the beginning though, and snuggling in a lap.  Colin learned so much, including house manners and how to use a doggie door.  Colin’s downside was his talent as an accomplished escape artist. Libby and Ed curbed his escape career!  In the end, Libby, one of the WTSR coordinators, and husband Ed, became so attached to Colin after his long stay with them for rehab and training that they just couldn’t part with him. By Summer 2013, Colin called San Angelo home, and Ed and Libby his very own humans  . Congratulations, Colin. You hit the jackpot!  (Colin was first posted on TSRF for adoption on Jan. 29, 2013.)

Colin Before


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Maggie & Logan Have Landed!



They are Adopted!  Tracy in New Braunfels is the proud new owner of Maggie & Logan who needed to be rehomed when their former owner in West Texas entered a care facility. Tracy has owned four Westies and one Cairn in the past, and fostered Maggie and Logan for a few weeks. She wanted to keep them! Tracey wrote yesterday; “I took them to be groomed today. I found a great groomer in New Braunfels and they look perfect. I am excited to have found her.” Thanks, Tracy! And thanks to West Texas Scottie Rescue for going to bat for Maggie and Logan!

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