Adoption Information


The decision to add a dog to your life is not one to be made lightly or on impulse. You must first evaluate your needs, the needs of your family, what you want in a dog and whether the breeds you are considering will make a good match. Purchasing or adopting a dog – any dog – is a long-term commitment; with proper care, many dogs can live 12 to 15 years. Before you make any decision, make sure you know exactly how a dog will affect your life.
How Much Time Can You Devote To The Dog? Dogs require a substantial time commitment from you. A dog will need to spend time with you; after all, you are getting a dog for companionship, aren’t you? And that takes time to develop and nurture. Your dog will also require grooming, training, play times and exercise. All of these things take time. Small things that need to be done daily take time, too. Dogs need to be walked, and their feces need to be picked up and disposed of. The dog’s water needs to be changed regularly and, of course, the dog must be fed. He needs regular grooming which should include brushing, bathing, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and toenail trimming. (The more you walk, the fewer toenail trimmings are required.) Dogs need to be part of a pack and if you are this dog’s pack he needs to be part of your life.

Does Everyone Want A New Dog?

If some of the family members are less than pleased at the prospect of adding a dog, the dog will suffer for it. One person’s animosity, lack of caring, anger, neglect or abuse could severely traumatize the dog. Everyone must agree to adopt a dog.

Will A Dog Fit In With Your Present Living Arrangements?

If you rent, do you need permission from your landlord before adopting a dog? Does your rental contract or lease allow dogs or have size limitations? If you own your home, does your homeowners association have any limits on dogs?
How Much Do You Value Your Interior and Exterior Decorations? If you like an immaculate, pristine house, perhaps you should consider a ceramic dog because dogs can, and do, make a mess. Dogs track in dirt from outside and carry in leaves, and other interesting things they wish to share with you. Terriers are diggers and can rearrange your beautiful landscaping.

Advantages to Adopting an Adult Dog

  • Adult purebred dogs are what you see; you know how big the dog is, what color it is, the coat length and how much grooming will be required.
  • You can see what the dog’s adult personality is (keeping in mind that some things can change when the dog is established in your home).
  • You do not have to go through the time and effort of puppyhood
  • You will enjoy the feeling of saving the dog’s life (adult dogs are generally less likely to be adopted than puppies) and receive the dog’s gratitude.